Trump’s New York Shakedown Shows He’ll Never Get Out of the Gutter squib

And another barrier has fallen. Now, states can expect to be harassed by King Donald, and their citizens denied rights, if they fail to acknowledge his absolute power.

It started when New York passed a law giving undocumented immigrants drivers’ licenses, and the Trump administration decided that meant that Gov. Andrew Cuomo was letting terrorists get on airplanes. So acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, who used to spend his time down in Virginia being cruel to gay people, announced that in the future, New Yorkers would not be able to use Global Entry and TSA Pre-Chek privileges. 

This is kind of funny, inasmuch as it will inconvenience the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Sean Hannity and a thousand other pestilential humans of their ilk. Except that it’s not. 

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